About this project

In France (and in many other countries) gas meters need a periodic calibration/verification to make sure they meet the requirements from different standards. The common way is to dismount the meter and ship it to a calibration laboratory, but what if you can bring the laboratory to the meter?

This mobile testbench was designed on ‘pallet size’ so every small delivery van will be able to transport it.

The only requirements on side are a pneumatic connection of 6 bar and a 220 – 240 V. power supply.

The testbench is equipped with quick connect adaptors to switch between meter sizes of 1.5” up to 6” and is able to calibrate flow rates of 0.25 m³/h up to 650 m³/h.

Key points:

  • Automated software
  • Capacity 0.25 – 650 m³/h
  • Sizes 1.5” – 6”
  • Suitable for diaphragm, rotary and turbine meters
  • Uncertainties of < 0.25%
  • Plug and play mobile version
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